Our auction system - quick instructions and important information

Important information about bidding:

  • The descriptions of the individual lots are purely informative and are not guaranteed. We strongly recommend viewing the properties before bidding. For example, if the description contains an incorrect number of quantities/dimensions/weights, the bid is still binding. The following example is for clarification: The description text says diesel engine. But it is a gasoline engine. The bid submitted is still binding! You have the opportunity to view the vehicle documents at any time.

  • Our online auction system corresponds to the system of an on-site auction / live auction. Accordingly, a lot will be bid on until no further bids are received. Bids received shortly before the end extend the respective lot by 20-40 seconds. In addition, all subsequent lots are extended by the same time. Why? So that no lots expire at the same time - as is the case with a normal auction.

  • Tip: To avoid having to follow the entire auction, you can use the bidding agent. You can enter your personal maximum bid here. The bidding agent bids up to this bid - but not beyond.